Produce sprays

   MicroNature presents a line of products that rapidly remove over 99% of harmful bacteria from heavily contaminated fresh foods.  The products are proven over a wide range of foods, including vegetables, fruits and even meats.  Simply spray the surface of your produce, wait 3 minutes for the spray to kill harmful bacteria, then rinse under tap water to remove the residual chemicals and wax.


   The produce sprays are 100% natural, composed of GRAS ingredients and are scientifically proven to work.   These products use a combination of natural probiotic compounds and scientifically validated botanicals.  

   MicroNature produce sprays are available in two varieties: Spring Harvest, Garden Fresh. After rinsing your food, there will be no residual taste or color change; only the fresh natural taste of your fruits and vegetables remains.


   MicroNature produce sprays are vegan and kosher.  No animal products are used in the manufacturing process. All products are packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. 



The Science behind the Spray

Salmonella killed by MicroNature.jpg

MicroNature's Produce Sprays have been tested on a many fruits, vegetables and even meats.  A single application kills upwards of 99.9% of Salmonella on heavily contaminated products.  With MicroNature, you can rest assured that your food is safe and healthy.