How to take care of my skin when I wearing a mask?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Wearing a mask for long periods can irritate the skin therefore, we share you these tips to take care of you skin and face:

1. Before using mask, be sure to wash your face very well.

2. Stay hydrated, drink water constantly and use face creams.

3. Disinfect your mask with non-aggressive products for your skin.

4. When you using mask, consider avoiding makeup.

MicroNature products are designed to take care of your skin using all-natural food-grade ingredients, the active ingredient is 4% lactic acid, a naturally occuring organic acid found in many foods, like yogurt and sourdough bread. Lactic acid is recognized by the EPA as a disinfectant for the Covid-19 coronavirus at concentrations as low as 0.2%.

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