Christmas scents for your home

The aromas of Christmas cannot go unnoticed in our house during these holidays. As incredible as it may seem, they will be essential to create that special Christmas atmosphere especially on these dates when we are at home more. An invisible and curious way to stimulate our senses but also to make a more welcoming space.

Vanilla, is one of the Christmas aromas for sweet holidays

Vanilla is a true protagonist of Christmas desserts, so it is perfect as part of the Christmas aromas, in addition to implying tenderness, it is capable of creating a sweet and relaxed atmosphere. And that, its relaxing capacity, is precisely one of its greatest attractions.

But there is another detail that makes vanilla one of the quintessential Christmas scents. Among the emotions that it arouses is that of awakening from our memory all those wonderful feelings of childhood.

With MicroNature Spray-Vanilla relive that special moment with delicious smell of vanilla that will transport you to your childhood.

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