COVID-19 Disinfectants

Masks prevent infection by capturing viruses and bacteria before they enter your body.  What happens to those nasty microbes once they are stuck to your mask?  Coronaviruses can survive for 24-48 hours on surfaces.  Touching the mask can transfer viruses from the mask to your skin.  

The CDC recommends machine washing masks frequently to sanitize them and immediately washing hands after touching a mask.  But this is not always a practical option.  MicroNature Mask Sanitizers give you the opportunity to sanitize masks on the go.  The powerful formula destroys the coronavirus in under 5 minutes (based on the EPA’s list of coronavirus disinfectants).   The active ingredient is Lactic acid, a naturally formed organic acid found in foods such as yogurt, cheese, sourdough bread and pickles.  All of our ingredients are food-grade and safe to use on your body.    Each bottle contains enough spray to sanitize over 60 masks while still being small enough to easily fit in a pocket.

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