Consulting And Auditing

   Audits and continuous improvement are a regular feature of the food manufacturing industry.  Whether it's new regulations phasing in or customers requiring a different 3rd party standard, our team of food safety experts can help you prepare.  We have the expertise and knowledge to bring your site up to specification quickly.  We will review your SOPs, HACCP plan, food safety programs and do an on-site mock-audit.  At the end of the audit, MicroNature will provide a detailed report identifying opportunities and suggested CAPAs.


Fresh, experienced eyes can often identify opportunities for improvement that sites are overlooking due to familiarity.  MicroNature can provide audits for food safety improvement.  

   Manufacturers with specific food safety or contamination challenges can also benefit from MicroNature's consulting.  We can review likely sources of contamination, adequacy of microbial control measures and do a deep dive analysis of the site's microbiological data.   Our team has solved microbial contamination cases for a number of food manufacturing sites, both large and small.  We are experts at finding solutions, drilling towards root cause and getting your site back to safe operating conditions.  We know how to create the right corrective actions to solve the problem and augment those with practical preventative measures that will ensure you do not find yourself in the same situation again.


The first step is an over-the-phone information session.  In this call, we will learn about your site's needs and define the scope of the project.  A mutual NDA will be signed before any details are discussed.

Next, MicroNature will send a detailed proposal for the project.  This will define your costs and the time line for the work.

The next steps will be a review of the available procedures or data via secured email or telecommunications.  You can expect items like site maps, process charts, sanitation records, SOPs and QA data to be reviewed at this stage. Thorough reviews at this stage ensure that the site visits are maximally effective.

After the data has been reviewed, MicroNature will send between 1 and 3 people to your site.  These visits typically take 1 to 2 days, but depending on the situation and complexity of the site, this can vary. After the visit, a detailed report with observations and suggested CAPAs will be issued.

MicroNature will remain available after the report is issued to provide advice and technical support for the implementation of CAPAs.  In the case of investigations, the MicroNature team will continue to provide help in root cause analysis, including repeat on-site visits as needed.